Coin Of(f) Mine

FuturoCoin game is online!

Help us to save the planet for roofless war machines and get real FuturoCoins!

Information on CoinOff Mine game:

App available on Android and IOS

Download the FuturoCoin CoinOff Mine app for free on the App Store (IOS) or get it on Google Play (Android).

CoinOff Mine Beta FuturoCoin game

Get real money

Walk around and fight against the evil war machines or find FuturoCoins on your way!

FuturoCoin App Coin Off Mine
Coin Of(f) Mine - First FuturoCoin earned


The game CoinOff Mine is free. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to earn real money in form of FuturoCoins without any financial commitment.

CoinOff Mine - FuturoCoin game

Location-based reality game

The CoinOff Mine game takes place in the real environment. No matter where you are, whether on the short path between the lecture hall and refectory or on a walk through the forest: Real FuturoCoins are waiting to be found by you or conquered in battle with the evil War Machines!

CoinOff Mine - FuturoCoin game

Conception based on "Pokémon Go"

Almost every owner of a smartphone has heard of this app: Pokémon Go! The hype is hugh surrounding the location-based reality game, where Pokémon's everywhere in the real life environment can be caught! With over 100 million downloads on Google Play, this game is one of the most successful app projects in recent years! Now the FuturoCoin sets new standards with the game CoinOff Mine, because unlike Pokémon Go you will not find any Pokémons here, you get real money in form of real FuturoCoins!

CoinOff Mine - FuturoCoin game

More information on the FuturoCoin game CoinOff Mine will follow soon!