23. June 2018

All FuturoCoin (FTO) stats online!

The FuturoCoin is still in the TOP 30 of the world's "most valuable" cryptocurrencies! 

After just 5 months on the market, the FuturoCoin has with a market capitalization of approximately $ 385 million a higher market share than 99.99% of all other cryptocurrencies out there!

Status 25. June | Source:

As of today, all coin technical information about the FuturoCoin are online available! This information, such as current circulation, hashrates, level of difficulty, block size, and market capitalization, are realy importante by evaluating cryptocurrencies. 

A few hours after the FuturoCoin stats were online, the FTO's trading volume explodes. FuturoCoin reaches it's highest trading volume in it's young history. The highest volume was about $ 10 million within 24 hours! Great work of the developers!

FuturoCoin News

21.06.2018| FuturoCoin/FutureNet Event am 8. - 9. September 2018 in Macau!

Are you ready for the revolution in marketing? In Macau, expect nothing else but that! From the 8th to the 9th of September 2018 the FutureNet World Convention will take place again. There, for the first time, the secrets of the new FutureNet projects and the FuturoCoin will be revealed. Tickets are online avaiable now as long as supplies last.

16.06.2018| FuturoCoin's social media platform FutureNet.Club now overhauled!

The FuturoCoin social media platform FutureNet.Club has been completely redesigned and is available from today with the latest features! Look over there!

14.06.2018| First FuturoCoin ATM is located in the FutureNet Cafe in Poland! Erste FuturoCoin ATM steht im FutureNet Cafe in Polen!

Another revolutionary step in the development towards the "coin of daily life"!

futurocoin atm futurenet

Today, the world's first FuturoCoin ATM started in FutureNet Cafe in Poland! The FuturoCoin ATM can convert Fiat money, as well as other crypto currencies, can be purchased directly at the machine. Conversely, FuturoCoins can also be converted into EUR, USD, BTC, ... and paid out. The operation of the FuturoCoin ATM is very simple and works without lengthy registration or verification.

With the FuturoCoin ATM it is possible for every person to get to FuturoCoins easily, quickly and safely!

09.06.2018| FuturoCoin started voting on 3 new Exchanges!

On the exchanges and you can vote directly for the FuturoCoin without registration and with one allows only registered members to vote on listing new cryptocurrencies. Overall, you can only vote once for each coin. On all exchanges voting is free! 

The following buttons will take you directly to the voting page of the FuturoCoin. We would like to thank you for your participation! Who has not yet voted for the FuturoCoin ... NOW would be exactly the right time to do it, or not? 😉

08.06.2018| Coinmarketcap lists the FuturoCoin - FTO achieves a very important milestone in its young history!!

futurocoin fto coinmarketcap eng

In the early morning of June 8, 2018, the FuturoCoin reached another major milestone in its recent history by listing on Coinmarketcap!

With the entry on the world's most popular crypto currency portal (Alexa Rank: ~ 240), the FuturoCoin conquers the largest possible stage for crypto currencies!

But not only the awareness of the FuturoCoin will rise enormously. Above all, the listing at Coinmarketcap has a very positive effect on the reputation, recognition and reputation of the FuturoCoin and also often facilitates access to large, international stock exchanges!

04.06.2018| FuturoCoin listed on the comparison platform!

FuturoCoin bei gelistet

Coingecko is a large cryptocurrency valuation and comparison platform that provides both quantitative and qualitative metrics on different coins. Now also the FuturoCoin was added to the assortment. So we have a renowned portal, that provides good data for the FuturoCoin!

27. May 2018 | Coin Of Mine - FuturoCoin game start soon!

15. May 2018 | FTO/EUR market started on Coindeal!

14. May 2018 | Unbelievable but true! FuturoCoin breaks the $30 mark!!

12. May 2018 | From May 15th the FuturoCoin can be traded in EURO on!!

This combination is almost unique and will change everything!! Apart from Bitcoin, virtually no other coin can be traded directly in EURO! As of May 15, this will change! launches the FTO-EUR Marketplace on the Exchange! Who deals with cryptocurrencies knows exactly what that means!!! It's a revolution in cryptocurrencies history, triggered by the best coin on the market, the FuturoCoin! We are proud to be part of the FuturoCoin from the beginning and we can see this amazing, gigantic development right now!

11. May 2018 | Futurocoin climbs to # 47 in market capitalization!

The hammer!! FuturoCoin ranks 47th in the market capitalization! And that after just 3 months on the market! As impressive as this ranking is, it's just the beginning. We'll get faster to the top with the FuturoCoin than many expect! 😉

futurocoin market capitalization

10. May 2018 | Short News Update from CEOs and founders of Futurenet!

Great news will await us in the next few days! FuturoCoin is going to conquer the world!

7. May 2018 | Withdraw money from FuturoAdpro into FuturoCoin on!

new withdrawals methods besseres bild

You can withdraw your funds from FutureAdpro into FuturoCoin and other big Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BCC, DASH, LTC and more on Coindeal. This is a very fast and cheep way to get FuturoCoin, because the fee is only 1$!

Aren't you registered yet? Then register now for free on FutureAdpro! 

18. April 2018 | FuturoCoin listed on

We made the first trade of FuturoCoin on Coindeal at 12:37 pm! Conclusion: Everything works fine! 

This young Exchange convinces us! Fast transactions, low fees and one of the best support we have ever seen! The best: Deposites in EUR are possible, so that you can buy Bitcoin with Euro. Register now for free on Coindeal and enjoy this ambitious Crypto-Exchange!

23. March 2018 | Vote for FuturoCoin! The 5 Coins with the most votes will be listed on Coindeal!

In advanced, you have to register for free on Coindeal. After that you are able to vote for FuturoCoin every 24h for free! You can find the overview of all votes that have been submitted so far (see picture above) at the bottom of the homepage by click on "Vote for new currencies". Or you can make here directly your vote if you are already registered on Coindeal. Here you can make your vote for FuturoCoin and so you helped that FuturoCoin can be traded in a few days on Coindeal! So let's go - vote for FuturoCoin now!

17.03.2018 | FutureNet presents the table tennis Masters 2018!

With Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Jörgen Persson and Wang Xi at Zeltpalast Merzig

So the top elite of table tennis is there and will make this day to a great party!

22.02.2018 | First FuturoCoin acceptance points!

FuturoCoin is only a few days old, but we can already pay with it!

On FutureNet and on FutureAdpro payments with FuturoCoin (FTO) are possible from today! We have the first acceptance points after 21 days.

Many more acceptance points will follow quickly. One of the main focuses of the FuturoCoin is the rapid expansion of the online and offline acceptance points!

The goal is clear: FuturoCoin should become the Coin with the most acceptance points worldwide! Today, we made the first step!

20.02.2018 | FutureNet thanks it's founder members!

Did you acquire the highest product class -Royal Member- at FutureNet before 8/12/17? Then hold on now:

Anyone who has purchased a Royal Product membership at FutureNet before 8/12/17 can now look forward to a great present:

For every day you have already purchased the Royal Product Membership before 8/12/17, you will receive 0.05 FTO from FutureNet as a reward for your early loyalty to FutureNet Club!

You don't believe? Then have a look in your FuturoNetwork! The FuturoCoins are already there!

07.02.2018 | First FTO price in history!

What is going on today!? Suddenly it was there - the FIRST FTO PRICE! Faster than expected, Yobit has opened trading with FuturoCoin!

Our approach is to wait and see, because in the next few days and weeks - with the beginning of trading on BitBay - a significant increase in the price of the FuturoCoin is to be expected!

02.02.2018 | Start date FuturoNetwork!

FuturoNetwork is open now! You can now purchase your mining packages !! If you are not registered with FuturoNetwork yet, register here for free!

31.01.2018 | FuturoCoin Wallet, White Paper and Open Source Code are ready for download now!

TODAY the FuturoCoin Wallet is available for download here!

You can see the FuturoCoin white paper here!

The FuturoCoin Open Source Code is here!

So everything what makes a big, real coin, is now available to us! Because 90% of the Coins out there, have not an own Wallet, White Paper or Open Source Code! The FuturoCoin is publicly available - so we can get started NOW!

FuturoCoin / FutureNet Promotion video 2018

Simply great! The new promotion video for FuturoCoin and FutureNet is online! 

Have a look!

FuturoCoin exchange start

The FuturoCoin will be traded on Bitbay's first major international exchanges and as soon as Bitbay's first FTO quote arrives, you'll find out about it here! For now we are using the current FTO course from YoBit.

More big exchanges like Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken etc. will follow soon.

FuturoCoin (FTO)

Start date Futuro Cloud Mining

On 02.02.2018 the FuturoNetwork has started.

14.02.18 | FutureNet wishes you a nice Valentine's Day!

Just in time for today's Valentine's Day, FutureNet sends us the best wishes!

- Make Love, not work | FutureNet -

The whole team wishes you and your loved ones a nice Valentine's Day 😉

2.5 million FutureNet members !!


FutureNet has reached the limit of 2.5 million members. Incredible how this company has grown in recent months and will continue to grow, especially in the coming months!

Congratulations FutureNet!


FutureNet Alexa ranking

The current FutureNet Club Alexa ranking. Among other things, this can be used to examine the popularity of Website's

Who takes first place in the Alexa ranking? ... Exactly ... Google!

Futurenet alexa ranking

FutureNet Christmas and New Year wishes

Here is a very nice Christmas and New Year's wish from FutureNet to all members!

Official FutureNet song

Polish star singer Lydia sings the first, official, OWN FutureNet song!

Lydia - Unlimited Life (FutureNet Song)

Listen, it's worth it!