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13-June-2018: FuturoCoin (FTO) listed on Coinpaprika!

Great news!! FuturoCoin is listed on the big cryptocurrencies platform coinpapprika.com!

Here you have more options to track and analyse the FuturoCoin price and chart. 

In addition, FuturoCoin market cap is also available. So check it out now! If you click on an image below, you come directly to the FuturoCoin page in coinpaprika.com!

FuturoCoin listed on Coinpaprika
FuturoCoin listed on coinpaprika.com
FuturoCoin chart on coinpaprika.com

14-May-2018: FuturoCoin Price breakes the $ 30 mark!

The incredible FuturoCoin-Rally has reached another highlight! For the first time, the FuturoCoin price has gone above the $ 30 mark. If you look at the first two weeks in May, that's an increase of about 1000%! Of course, the FuturoCoin will also need to take a break, keyword profit taking. However, we will only have a very limited reaction to any market activity, because the FuturoCoin is an investment for life and not for a day! Always remember: "Price is what you pay, Value is what you get!"

FuturoCoin Kurs erreicht 30 $

First short FuturoCoin chart analysis!

Not easy ... Two lines of resistance do not make it easy for the FuturoCoin continue to rise. But nothing is impossible. If we skip these lines, the door is wide open for the FuturoCoin price to climb over 20$!


FuturoCoin chart1en

FuturoCoin listed on Coindeal!

From now on FuturoCoin is listed on Coindeal and can be traded there!

We made the first FuturoCoin trade on Coindeal at 12:37 pm and it works fine! The first FuturoCoin Price from Coindeal is available now!

That trading platform is convincing on all levels. Fast and save transactions, 24/7 live support, deposits in EUR and more!

First Exchange YObit started FuturoCoin trading!

Open the history books! The first FuturoCoin Price arrived us on 7-Feb-2018! YoBit included the FuturoCoin to the exchange. Now let's go and buy FTO on this exchange!

FuturoCoin Crypto-Exchanges

On which crypto exchange will the FuturoCoin be tradable first? The answer is:

Completely surprisingly, YoBit pushed ahead and started FuturoCoin trading! Most of us thought, that BitBay should be granted this privilege.

You can buy FuturoCoin (FTO) on YoBitCoindealSouthXchange and Piyasa NOW

FuturoCoin Kurs an 4 Exchanges

FuturoCoin is tradable on the following exchanges:

Simply click on an exchange to go directly to the FuturoCoin market!

Information on Coindeal

Coindeal is a young cryptocurrency trading platform from Denmark, that provides 24/7 live support, fast deposits and withdrawals, secure transactions and you are able to deposit Dollar and Euro by bank transfer.

Almost all big coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ripple and many more can be traded here. Since 18-April-2018 the FuturoCoin (FTO) is listed on Coindeal, too because we have become the first place in the voting for new cryptocurrencies.

Start now!

Over 2.8 million Futurenet Members eagerly have waited for the first FuturoCoin Price! But where is the journey going?

All information to the furious FuturoCoin launch on YoBit and on Coindeal, SouthXchange and Piyasa, you can find on our FuturoCoin News Page!

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Our team members enjoy a 24/7 support and always get the current facts and figures about FuturoCoin price, chart and news. No matter, we will help you!

FuturoCoin (FTO)! Fto Coin - FuturoCoin Chart

Fundamentals concerning FuturoCoin Price

The term "FuturoCoin Price" refers to the exchange rate of one FuturoCoin (FTO) in any other currency.

With FuturoCoin price it is usually considered the exchange ratio of crypto currency to dollar, euro or Bitcoin - just depending on the target currency in which you want to change the source currency.

Futurocoin Kurs und FTO Coin wallet

FuturoCoin Price Example

For example, if you want to change a FuturoCoin into Dollar, the short notation of this transaction by a FuturoCoin price of 1000 $ would look like this:

FTO/USD = 1000 USD

FTO Coin Price Converter!

Interactive FuturoCoin Chart in realtime!

Tracking Platforms to analyze the FuturoCoin Price and Chart:

On the following tracking portals FuturoCoin price and chart can be analyzed and monitored. Useful tools such as the FuturoCoin price alert are available free of charge after a brief registration. Just click the symbols or names to come directly to the FuturoCoin tracking platforms.

Big crypto tracking portal. A lot of different FuturoCoin chart styles and features.

Ideal for FuturoCoin chart analysis.

Provides us a lot of background information about FuturoCoin trading and also gives us useful tools to monitor the FuturoCoin price.

Provides chart technical forecasts and developments as well as a lot of tools to monitore the FuturoCoin.